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SAFESIDE offers consultant services focusing on securing and improving security to critical business information of companies’ and organizations. SAFESIDE balances the benefits of strategic consulting with technology to help customers to mitigate and manage their information security risks that come with today’s businesses. Many IT infrastructures and their components of today have not been designed to be secure. The security that can be achieved through technical means is limited. Thus, in order to deliver the right level of information security in today´s businesses, it is of outmost importance to include, what we consider to be the important aspects of an organization; business risks, people and technical matters. SAFESIDE have created a unique work method based on a holistic view of information security that includes Management, Organizational and Technical issues.


Information classification is of great importance for an organization in order to manage the level of security and availability in critical information systems according to existing internal, external and legal requirements.
Risk Management provides an overview of existing threats, risks and related consequences a business and its information system faces. The result is summarized in a risk steering card which quickly assists management to visualize the overall risk picture and take necessary action where and when considered necessary.


Organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on IT in order to satisfy their corporate aims and meet their business needs. This leads to an increased requirement for high quality IT services including security related processes, work procedures and organizational structures. SAFESIDE works with international standards such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) when assisting IT-departments to develop a framework for IT Service Management focusing on security and availability issues.


SAFESIDE follows the methodology Defense-in-depth, designed to provide our clients with tools necessary to secure and maintain the IT-infrastructure in the most efficient way. A variety of technical areas are covered such as web security, content management solutions, malicious code management, authentication and compliance capabilities, information lifecycle management, high-end availability solutions, storage- and backup procedures etc.

By working according to the holistic view Safeside can help organizations to ensure a strategic, long-term and safe information management. It provides the opportunity for us to deliver entire solutions that will secure high availability and the protection of business critical information, essential for a business to maintain competitive edge, cash flow, profitability, legal compliance and commercial image.

We are proud of our wide range of clients and the diversity of their operations:
Public administration
Process industry
Bank, finance and insurance
Energy & Power

No matter in what industries or sectors you do business, we can help you work smarter and secure your business. For more information about our services please read below:

Information classification

Information classification is a way to evaluate and prioritize information and assets according to the requirement of the organization. The goal is to limit the risk of losing sensitive information, having information distorted or not having the right level of access to the information. SAFESIDE have, for one of the largest and most critical public organizations in Sweden, constructed and implemented a work methodology to classify information and IT systems. Through the use of this methodology the organization can handle information in an effective way with the right level of security for each informational asset.

Risk management

Risk management is a systematic methodology to protect an organization and its resources from undesired incidents. The goal is to identify and diagnose risks and vulnerabilities in the operation to manage the risks carefully and in a structured way reduce the costs of damage and negative effects of identified threats. Safeside has for a number of years worked with some of Sweden’s largest global companies to support them in developing consistent risk analysis and risk management throughout the world.

IT architecture security

Security in IT architecture is a framework built from the ground up to secure the organizations IT infrastructure and processes in an integrated, recyclable and efficient practice. The framework makes use of leading security principles in a management structure for what, when and how security functions are implemented and used. SAFESIDE has analyzed and investigated all of Sweden’s 21 county administrative boards IT infrastructure in order to map and prioritize the security issues to facilitate efficient decision making and action planning to achieve the goal of robust and solid infrastructure.  The result for Sweden as a nation is that it is better prepared to handle serious crises.

IT audit

Revision of IT is a review of organizations IT systems and IT operations with a focus on risk, quality, efficiency and other valuable parameters. An IT audit may encompass the whole IT operation or just a part of the same. Revision of IT provides a more efficient internal control and also secure that the organization has the right balance of security over time. Safeside has recently performed an in depth IT audit of one of the four major commercial banks of Scandinavias IT systems. The bank has since been able to achieve higher proactivity, efficiency, and cost savings as they performed quality measures and risk reduction as actions from the audit.


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I oktober 2016 gick SAFESIDE ihop med det finska cyber security företaget Nixu. Tillsammans har vi ambitionen att vara med och skapa en säkrare värld och ett väl fungerade digitalt samhälle. Sammanslagningen innebär att vi kommer kunna erbjuda våra tjänster till företag inom hela Europa samt ge oss tillgång till fler konsulter och ett breddat utbud.

SAFESIDE byter nu namn till Nixu.